Testimonials (Source: LinkedIn)

MAY 3rd, 2018

My whole experience of buying a home with Alexander was outstanding! Right from the start, I felt reassured by his unparalleled professionalism and knowledge. He diligently and patiently educated me in the process and always kept me well informed. He always came on time and well prepared to all of our meetings, my questions never went unanswered, and he always gave me his full attention. However, the major highlight of my experience as Alexander's client was that I felt I could always trust and rely on his work and his word.
D. Hidalgo

MAY 1st, 2018

Alexander has great knowledge of the Toronto real estate market. His help and advice for me to buy a condo downtown as an investment was immeasurable. Alexander is always there for you to answer your questions and concerns. I definitely recommend his service and will work with him in my next purchase. Jose M Rodriguez.
J.M. Rodriguez

DEC 31st, 2017

As first-time home buyers, Alexander was able to guide us through this entire complex process showing a high level of professionalism, knowledge, work ethic and honesty. All his insights, comments (pro and cons), suggestions and experience led us to make the right educated decision.
C. E. Leon.

DEC 21, 2017

Alex helped me and my husband to purchase our first home, and he did a great job. 

I must confess my husband and I were very hesitant at the beginning of the process and we were not clear where we wanted or should buy our home. We were looking for a place that met our needs but at the same time was a good investment, and Alex did a great job educating us through all the process. He always showed us all the pro and cons of every property, giving us the knowledge to buy the best home that we could afford and that fit our needs and lifestyle.

Alex made the complex process of becoming a ‘home owner’ much simpler to us through his transparent way of communicating, very ethic and honest. We now consider Alex more our friend than our Realtor! I highly recommend him.
A. De Sousa

DEC 12th, 2017

Alexander comes from a rare breed of sales agents. He studies the house that he will sell to you by doing what most agents would not do. He is professional and patient. It even seems like he does not want to sell me the house. He points out everything that he sees in a house, good or bad. He has also helped me in selecting the agent that would represent me in selling my other house even if he does not get any monetary benefit. Alexander you are truly rare and anyone that you encounter will be a very happy homeowner.

Mr. A. Sia

NOV. 26th, 2017

I can say as a first home buyer, that my experience buying my house was excellent thanks to Alexander, he explained me all the details of the process. His professionalism and commitment make me recommend him to anyone who wants to buy a property. For sure I will call him again in the future to buy my next house.

Mr. J.M.R. Alfonzo

FEB. 23rd, 2017

Dedication, care and professionalism are just three words that describe Alexander’s personality and capabilities. We were lucky enough to get in touch with him and have him as our realtor for the purchase of our first house in Canada. I must say, I was and still am impressed and gladly surprised by the dedication and time he puts in you, it almost makes you feel that you are his only client; doesn’t matter what you need or question you may have, he will either answer based on his vast experience and knowledge, or guide you to the right direction to get it. What I liked the most was that somehow, Alexander knew exactly where we would end up buying, but still gave us the opportunity and time to get there on our own, no pressure at all!. Highly recommendable!

Mr. S. Bustillos

JAN 12th, 2017

Our process to buy our new home was not easy at all, with the hot market in Toronto at the moment and the variety of options was a very intense search.
We wanted the best option not only location but also distribution and economic valuation in the property that we could afford.
Alex was an amazing professional and guide us through the whole process, telling us all the pros and cons in every property we saw, never pushing us to buy anything that He feels like, but giving us the correct advice in how to take the decision.
At the end we even did a comparison table with 4 properties that we were looking to buy, with all the details that where important to us (probably to everybody), and taking the smartest decision that we could afford, economic wise and location/distribution wise.
Alex became to us more than a realtor a good friend.
We will recommend him eye close.

Mr. J. Jaimes

DEC 28th, 2016

Alex Gessen = Peace of mind

Alex represented my wife and me in the purchase of our first home. After our first meeting I did not see the point of interviewing other realtors given that Alex was very professional and down to earth. I must confess my wife and I are very picky and detailed oriented but working with Alex gave us piece of mind we thought we'd never get. People say buying a home is not an easy process but with Alex all went smooth and seamless, he kept us informed of everything that was happening and he helped us in every possible way as if we were family. Nowadays I don’t consider Alex as my realtor but as a great friend. That said I highly recommend Alex.

Mr. J. Jezerskas

DEC 19th, 2016

Professionalism, experience, knowledge and commitment are just some of the words that I would use to describe Alexander. I had the fortune to have him as a realtor while looking for my first house in Canada. He leaves no door unopened and no opportunity unexplored to help you find the right place. All his insights, comments, suggestions and experience led us to make the right decision. Alexander is a person you can trust and count on. Highly recomendable!

Mr. J. Lagunas

SEP 16th, 2016

It is our absolute pleasure to have an opportunity to recommend Alexander Gessen. 

Alexander is a truly exceptional realtor with impeccable work ethic and honesty, someone who possesses a sincere desire to strive and deliver exactly what his clients are searching for. He provides the highest quality of service, is extremely well versed on the real estate industry as a whole and brings remarkable knowledge of the GTA and Halton market.

Alexander helped us to sell our home in a very short period of time and negotiate favorable terms, demonstrating his great negotiation skills and expert selling strategies.

Alexander is the model of real estate professionalism, working with him was a very positive experience and we would highly recommend him to all potential buyers and sellers. 

Mrs. A. Castro

JUN 14th, 2016

Recomiendo 100% los servicios de Alexander como consultor de ventas para la compra de propiedades en la ciudad de Toronto. Su profesionalismo, experticia en el area y su excelente atención al cliente hacen que el proceso de compra de una propiedad resulte sencillo. Muchas gracias Alexander por habernos acompañado en cada una de las etapas brindadonos tu experticia en este proceso.

Mrs. I. Carvallo

DEC 26th, 2015

Alexander is a passionate Real Estate, very professional, honest and truthful.
He understand your needs and has high knowledge of the market.

Mr. P. Pacheco

JAN 16th, 2015

Alexander is an excellent realtor. When I worked with him he was very professional and always tried to provide the best possible service. He is committed to get the best deal available by a prior and deep understanding of each client´s requirements and standards. I would definitely hire Alexander again if I ever need a realtor in the future.

Mr. F. G. Arcaya

DEC 17th, 2014

Alexander has been the best Real State agent that I have worked with, apart from the great knowledge and expertise in the field he is committed to provide a complete customer experience very personal and flexible.

Alexander guided us trough every detail and step of our first time buying a house, we are very grateful for his strong work and will definitely call him every time that we look for expert real state advice, I strongly recommend him. 

Mr. P. P. D'Empaire

MAY 24th, 2013

Alexander is a dedicated and honest professional. He helped us even before we moved to Canada. He sent us very valuable information not just about the housing market, but also about the life here. He presented us a wide range of houses with features that we were looking for and responded every request quickly and professionally. We ended up buying an excellent home to live in. His personal attention made us feel more comfortable to make our decision. I trust Alexander and highly recommend him at all levels.

S. Montanez

JAN 29th, 2013

I can certify that Alexander Gessen is extraordinary professional that commits to his customers and offers a service beyond any expectation.

C. Pacheco

JAN 28th, 2013

Alexander is a great Real Estate agent. He is an excellent professional with very high standards within his work. For me it is a honour to have him as my realtor.

Mrs. M. Lafee

JAN 24th, 2013

Alexander is an enthusiastic and dedicated professional. He helped me and my family even before we moved to Canada. He sent us very valuable information not just about the housing market, but also about the life here. 
His personal attention made us feel more comfortable to make our decision. His knowledge of the local market made us easier to find the most suitable place for us. We deeply appreciate all his hard work!

Mrs. M. Ponce

JAN 22nd, 2013

"Alexander started helping us before we moved to Canada, he always had all the information we needed to make the decision about the correct place in the GTA to start our new life. He found the place that better worked for us and our plans. I highly recommend Alexander as a Realtor. He takes great care of his clients."

Mr. M. Rivera

JAN 15th, 2013

Being first time home buyers, we were a little intimidated at first. Luckily we have Alexander as our Realtor which made the process much easier than we had been anticipating. Any questions we had were answered quickly and efficiently. The service and personal attention we received from Alexander was exceptional! His knowledge of the local market helped us in our search for our dream home. After patiently going through listings and explaining tax details with us, he made sure we got the best value purchase for the new one! We thank you for the time and effort you spent with us, making our first experience as easy as it was! I definitely recommend Alexander Gessen to anyone and would not hesitate to use again for ourselves.

Mrs. E. Rodriguez

JAN 15th, 2013

Hereby, I express my complete satisfaction for the services that I received from Alexander Gessen as real estate agent. His background as a real estate agent is evident in the careful method that he uses to complete a good business. As a client I can say that I always received from him an excellent attention throughout the entire process when I was buying my house, being Alexander every time professional, conscientious and motivated. 

I highly recommend Alexander to anyone looking for a highly effective and reliable real estate agent.

Mr. E. Sanchez

JAN 14th, 2013

My family received an excellent service from Alexander Gessen. He knows every detail of the business and he showed us his commitment to give us the best service. He present us a wide range of houses with features that we were looking for and responded every request quickly and professionaly. I strongly recommend him.

Mr. G. Fernandez

JUL 6th, 2012

Alexander has always proved to be very knowledgeable of the Real State business, providing me with excellent choices for investment and primary home. He is an excellent negotiator, always achieving the best conditions and price for my properties. 
I trust Alexander and highly recommend him at all levels.

Mrs. M. Rodriguez

MAR 31st, 2012

I highly recommend Alexander as a Realtor. He takes great care of his clients. He is a true real estate professional and an expert negotiator. If you are looking to sell or buy a home, you should call Alexander first. It is my honour to be his business partner.

Mr. R. Daez

MAR 22, 2012

I met Alexander just when I was deciding to buy a house for the first time in Canada. Timing was perfect because I found THE BEST person for the job. Being new to Canada, it was of great help that Alexander took his time in making me become more knowlegable about the real state market in Canada, about the different geographical areas and their pros and cons. Therefore, when I made the decision, I had all the information that was reasonably available to make a smart choice. All and all, I ended up buying a very good home to live in, which in turn has been the best investment I have made since I arrived in 2007. I strongly recommend Alex since he is industrious, very well informed, honest and professional.

Mr. E. Perich

MAR 14, 2012

Excellent professional with very high standards within his work. He is a kind and knowledgeable person who is ready to assist his clients in real state related decision making. He is a person that is welling to assist you way beyond the limits of his work. Highly recommended!

Mr. P. Colicchio

MAR 13th, 2012

Alexander is a great Real Estate agent. He is highly reliable and committed to always satisfy the expectations of his clients. He will keep providing advice to you after the purchase of the property has been completed. For these reasons I have no doubts recommending him.

Mrs. Z. Duerto

MAR 10th, 2012

I consider myself lucky to have Alexander as my Real Estate agent. I highly recommend him to anybody in need of trustworthy assistance when looking for a property to buy. After closing your purchase you will continue to have an expert and kind adviser at hand.

Mr. J. Perez

MAR 11, 2012

Alexander knows very well the real estate market. He always listens to the client's requests and takes care of every little detail.
He provides options within the scope of the client's preferences.
He is very reliable and professional.

Mrs. F.M. Brewer